PCB Heatbed in production

PCB Heatbed PRINT Thanks to Joaz from http://reprapsource.com/ my PCB heatbed design is right now in production :-) Thank you man! Check it out how beautyfull it is :-) You can preorder it from http://reprapsource.com/en/show/6403 at 29,99 €!!!
PCB Heatbed PRINT PCB Heatbed FRONT PCB Heatbed BACK

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DJ Michal Prusa – Essential mix

Finally some music stuff! But we are DJ’s blog, right? Enjoy ;-)


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Heatbed MK4 – we are almost there (simple, cheap, hot-swappable)

I’d like to post some news about our new heatbed. Completly different approach. I’m working on this idea for nearly two months, inspired by neufeld.newton.ks.us/electronics/?p=864. You can find actual files on Thingiverse:2172. I will publish it under same license as RepRap is at the end of development.

It’s configurable for 12, 24 or 48V. It generates 110W of heat. And I’m most proud that its hot-swappable by magnets. You can see how it works on video or my flickr page.

Heatbed with magnets Letting heatbed cool down

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New printer we have – ShaperCube

We have new printer and I have to say awesome one. ShaperCube. It’s completly made of Aluminium. You can see few pictures of printer at his creators flickr. Joachim Glauche’s flickr.

Machine is using Arduino Mega as main board controlling Stepper Boards 1.2 and DC board which is controlling extruder etc.

Btw. we are first who ever build ShaperCube ;-)

You can see our timelapse video of building the whole thing.

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Czech (retarded) press about Makerbot at CES

Lol, today when I was checking news at my custom Youtube.com homepage I’ve found video from CES about Makerbot from one of our Czech techzines Živě.cz. And it was soo much fun that I’ve almost pissed myself from laught :-D I’ll try to translate it, at least the funniest beginning.

This, what in fact looks like wooden kit, is actually a wooden kit and its kit for making things. You’ll get box of bricks and you can build your own kit. …

… interesting thing is, that it’s not a complete product but it is actually kit, you’ll get box of pieces and you have to assemble it by yourself. …

No word about 3D printer, no word about open source, just lame repeating :-D We are so much doooomed here in Czech Republic …

Here is how it should look , thank you Wired!

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Heated RepRap print bed MK2

Heated print bed insides Building heated print beds is very popular these days, so I want to publish our 2 months findings. You should first read Look ma, no Warping, Nopheads Hot metal and serendipity, Zaggos Canned Heat and Zaggos Raftless. Now we have Heated Print Bed MK2, first design wasn’t as durable as we wanted (sandwich consist of 2pieces of acrylic) and the heat wasn’t spread evenly. Celý příspěvek

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Look ma, no WARPING! Heated RepRap print bed

Since we have RepMan (kind of RepRap) 3D printer I was thinking about printing large objets. Of course you start with small things like minimug. But as you start learning how to get good small prints you’ll try something bigger and you will probably see large warping. It’s caused by different temperatures in the object. Professional machines uses heated print chamber to avoid this, but we can’t of course build heated champer since the printer is made from plastic or plexyglass. Great compromise is to build heated print bed. I was inspired by Zaggos work in Pleasant Hardware. But he has MakerBot which has only 10x10cm print bed. RepMan has 4times bigger. I wanted to build my print bed as quick as possible so I used ressistive wire which I have for a while, then some plexyglass and epoxy glue. It build like burger, in three layers 1)Plexyglass 2) ressistive wire + epoxy glue 3) plexyglass. After you do make this you should put it on the straight place, put something heavy and straight on it and leave it for few hours.

[flickr album=72157622837572300 num=5 size=Small]
Don’t ask me to exact ressistance of the wire etc. I dont know it :-) You just should make sure that whole print bed rig consumes about 45-55 Watts (you can use more for quicker heating, but you can melt the plexy, so be carefull) for this size, for Makerbot should be enough 25-30 Watts.
I’ve added (dont forget to drill and sand the place for sensor and cable in bottom piece of plexy) temperature sensor which is done by my brother, so I know if it’s warm enough. BTW even plexyglass expands when it’s heated, I’ve had to place some spacers between print bed and lower support plexy contruction. You know, it’s a prototype, but it works :-)

I’ve tried to print when the bed was about 70°C, its quite enough. But higher temperature could be better, I’ll test it later.

Big Mendel part

Here you can se the video from my first printing of „x-carriage-lower_1off“ Mendel part.

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iPhone controlled R/C car (UPDATED)

(Originally posted on 5th of September 2008) It’s still not even a week since I bought a new iPhone 3G and during this time my brother and I did a lot of cool stuff. The iPhone with its accelerometer and multitouch display is ideal for making gadgets. When I got it home, we started thinking about some cool demos which we could make. Incidentally we found an old R/C car model ;-) Have you ever seen anything like this? I hadn’t :-) Did you ever think that an iPhone could do this? Enjoy!

Update (31st of July 2009)

iPhone Hacks

iPhone Hacks

Hack was very popular, biggest success is one chapter in iPhone Hacks book (O’reilly). It’s great experience and I want to say thanks to Damien Stolarz and Brian Jepson.

Many people asked me about source code, here it is. Documentation and howto are in iPhone Hacks book.

OS 3.0 for iPhone brings some new opportunities, including some bluetooth stuff. But unfortunatelly not SPP, so WIFI is still only chance to send something out from iPhone :-/


iPhone controlled R/C car from Josef Průša on Vimeo. Same video on YouTube.com . [ad#obsah] Controlling is very easy with the iPhone 3G. It has five buttons, four of them you can use for traditional „driving“ and when you press the last one, it unlocks the accelerometer control in the same way as in many driving games available on AppStore. Realization of this project did not take a long time, only one afternoon. Technically it is realized in a hell-bent way, but obviously it’s functional. Schematically: iPhone (OSCemote) → WiFi → PC → Max/Msp → Serial port → Arduino → Original controller. If you have some other cool ideas, leave it in comments. We can surely realize it ;) .


OSCemote is application which sends data from iPhone to PC. It does it thru WIFI using OpenSoundControl protocol. You can buy it in AppStore ore try free lite version (unfortunately without accelerometer support :-( ) By the way, some big and complex audio softwares are compatible with OSC standard. For example, Traktor 3 by Native Instruments can sync tempo over OSC. You can download test patch here. For functionality you have to download Max 5 runtime.




On PC connected to network is running Max patch, which catches data from iPhone, converts it into simpler form and send it thru serial port to Arduino.

Max/Msp is generally used for audiovisual instalations, but also can do crazy things like this project ;-) .

Max/MSP 5 patch

Max/MSP 5 patch


Arduino is simple development kit with
microprocessor. Arduino process data from Max and next simulate switching on
real R/C controller using transistors.


Arduino controlling original remote


If you like our idea, please Dig it!! or link it from your blog :)

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Synchronize multiple collections of Traktor PRO automatically

Traktor PRO

Traktor PRO

It might look useless to use Traktor on two or more PCs, eh MACs ;-) , but only at first look. In certain conditions it’s very helpful or even necessary. For example, me and my brother. We often have common gigs, and both of us has his own MacBook. It was pretty annoying to sync our music every time you modified even one little tag or beatgrid. I hated it :-( We kept most of the time actual collection only on one MacBook, totally impractical if you want to prepare your playlist for next gig …

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iPhone2Midi – controll your software with iPhone finally clever



Few moths ago my brother and I’ve made iPhone controlled R/C car. It starts my thinking about real usage. First attempt was this video on youtube. I’m very bussy these days but I’ve found some time to make something more complex.

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