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iPhone controlled R/C car (UPDATED)

// (Originally posted on 5th of September 2008) It’s still not even a week since I bought a new iPhone 3G and during this time my brother and I did a lot of cool stuff. The iPhone with its accelerometer and multitouch … Celý příspěvek

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Synchronize multiple collections of Traktor PRO automatically

It might look useless to use Traktor on two or more PCs, eh MACs , but only at first look. In certain conditions it’s very helpful or even necessary. For example, me and my brother. We often have common gigs, … Celý příspěvek

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iPhone2Midi – controll your software with iPhone finally clever

Few moths ago my brother and I’ve made iPhone controlled R/C car. It starts my thinking about real usage. First attempt was this video on youtube. I’m very bussy these days but I’ve found some time to make something more complex.

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USB iPhone battery pack from MSI Wind battery

[ad#wind] It’s a long time ago since I’ve bought MSI Wind netbook. I’m not using it very much, because I’ve bought new MacBook, but it doesn’t mater. have  two batteries for Wind, one small original 3-cell and one extra large, … Celý příspěvek

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USB nabiječka pro iPhone a zdroj z baterie MSI Wind

Před nějakou dobou jsem si koupil MSI Wind, co naplat, že od doby co mám MacBooka leží doma v koutě. Nicméně, pro Winda mám dvě baterie, jednu originální (3 článková) a jednu extra cheap z eBay (9 článková), tu menší … Celý příspěvek

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