PCB Heatbed in production

PCB Heatbed PRINT Thanks to Joaz from http://reprapsource.com/ my PCB heatbed design is right now in production :-) Thank you man! Check it out how beautyfull it is :-) You can preorder it from http://reprapsource.com/en/show/6403 at 29,99 €!!!
PCB Heatbed PRINT PCB Heatbed FRONT PCB Heatbed BACK

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6 komentářů u PCB Heatbed in production

  1. johnnyr napsal:

    Nice :)

    I have one of the early prototypes here and it is an great kit.

  2. me napsal:

    It says GPL v2 on the board and gives an URL for downloading the file(s), but at that URL no such files can be found.

  3. Andreas Henriksson napsal:

    Wow, it looks really nice! If you don’t mind my uninformed questions, I am wondering where the thermistor (or whatever) goes, if you have any thoughts on how to properly insulate the thing, and how to hook up the electronics?

  4. Didier napsal:

    PC Power supply is enough ? (12V 300W)

  5. Elvis napsal:

    Dear Prusajr,
    I just got 2 heat bed MK1 shipped to me from Reprapsource.com. I looks very awesome. I am very excited. However, I am not so good at electronic, therefore when I look from the under side of the heat bed, I saw 2 large contact/soldering spots, and 6 other smaller squares (soldering spots). I am not sure which one is for the powersource (larger one?) which will be for negative, which is for positive? Also, I wonder where should I solder my resistor and the LED? Also, if I would like to make it magnetic removable, how should I do that? Please help me. If I could see a little diagram/sketches or photos showing me „where is where“ or how to solder the correct connection, I will be able to do that otherwise, I am blind with electronic stuffs.
    Thank you so much for your help.
    Have a nice day,

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