iPhone2Midi – control your software with iPhone finally clever

Few moths ago my brother and I’ve made iPhone controlled R/C car. It starts my thinking about real usage. First attempt was this video on youtube. I’m very busy these days but I’ve found some time to make something more complex.


It’s basically PC part for OSCemote.

OSCemote is iPhone application available on Appstore. Costs few $.

It’s Max/Map patch, so you have to install last Max/Map runtime.


Philosophy is to have everything under your control.


First row is managing multitouch pad. Each button represents one pair of MIDI CCs. If is button toggled, program starts to send midi. Every button even has his own midi note, so you can map it better. For example: if you toggle button 1, it’s turn on effects and MIDI CCs changes effects parameters.


Second row is for accelerometer. Same as multitouch. Every button represents three MIDI CCs and one MIDI note.

Third and fourth row is only buttons. Every button represents one MIDI note.

You can set type of each button. Hold – you have to hold button, if you release it, it sends Note of and switch off the MIDI CCs. Toggle – first press activate the button and second press deactivate it.

You can set amount of multitouch pad and accelerometer by setting red
sliders on sides.

Reading and writing presets

You can save your settings of button types, MIDI CCs and notes by pressing
Write button in settings section.



Only unzip and run  “iPhoneMidi.maxpat”


If you have some ideas to improve it, write it down to comments or send it to my email [email protected]


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